All students at Edison High are supposed to complete a research paper for every year of English. This is the research paper for the CIBACS Junior year. The paper prepares students for the larger presentation at the end of the year because they must begin to pay attention to the processes they are learning on the job. The paper prompts students to explain “how to” do some task related to the work they have been observing and practicing. Students can find information about the process by conducting interview with experts at the job site, researching on the Internet, or going to the library. The task should be explained in very precise language and backed up with research. The clear organization of information is also essential.

A general explanation of what a process essay is can be found here:
Process Essay Explanation

The prompt for this particular process essay is here:
Process Essay Prompt

Student Process Research Paper Examples:
Emily Process Essay – How to Suture
Lindsey Process Essay – How to Create a Market Feasibility Study
Tommy Process Essay – How to Create a Prototype

How to Use MLA in Your Research Paper:
MLA Formatting Guidelines
Works Cited Page (see last page)

Process Speech Explanation
The speech prepares the students for the final presentation of their portfolio to the judges later on in the year. They must explain to the class how to do the process they have researched. The speech demonstrates that the student not only has researched how to do the process but can teach others as well, a higher level thinking skill. The speech prompt is on the same process as the essay.