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Welcome to the CIBACS staff page. We would like to thank every member of the staff for providing us with this incredible and educational program. Without your volunteer support we would not be where we are today.

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CIBACS Foundation Volunteers

President: OPEN
Secretary: Jennifer Robertson
Business Liaison: OPEN
Community & Business Liason: Jim Duncan
Treasurer: OPEN
Edison Parent Liaison: Cindi Berman
Hospitality Coordinator: Michelle Stanley & Jen Cox
Senior Parent Rep: Mary Ann Barnett
Junior Parent Rep: Becky Roy
Sophomore Parent Rep: Jaime Blake
Freshman Parent Rep: OPEN
CIBACS Faculty Liason: Lori Chlarson


Faculty Webmasters:

Brian Boone  and  Jason Bronkar

Edison High School Faculty

English 1: Lissie Barro
English 2: Lori Chlarson
English 3: Jason Bronkar
English 4: Matthew Whitmore
World Geography: Josh Bammer
World History: Chris DeStefano
US History: Brian Boone
Government/Economics: Bob Strachan