Work Experience Hours, Journals, End of Internship Student Evaluation, Thank You Card

Journals Explanation
During completion of the internship hours, the student must reflect on what he/she learns and experiences. The student will complete journal entries for all of the major learning experiences he/she has. The journals should be typed, double spaced, in 12-point font, with one-inch margins. They may be introduced with the “Day 1” or “Dear Journal” format, or the student may prefer to just begin writing. These should be in the first person point of view.

When the journals are completed, they should be at least five pages in length. They must also include links to evidence, such as photos, scans, or videos that prove the student was at a site with a mentor learning about a career. This evidence should be saved in a folder on Google Docs.

Intern Evaluation Form Explanation
Two other forms should be completed after finishing the internship. First, the student’s internship hours must be totaled on the Hours Confirmation Form. Each segment of observations by the student should be confirmed with a mentor signature. Second, the Intern Evaluation Form should be completed in order to give the student feedback on his/her performance. The rankings given by the mentor on this form will not affect the grade on this assignment.

Important Handouts
Confirmation of Internship Hours
Internship Evaluation Form
End of Internship Student Evaluation