StartUp – The Year-Long Project… the Senior Project

The Senior Project is individually designed to reflect the senior’s unique abilities and talents. The Senior Project must involve business, career, or community service as its central feature, and must challenge the senior to achieve new heights of accomplishments.

• Have actual, on-site, hands-on experience in the workplace through competitive projects, job-shadowing, and internships.

• Are prepared to progress to advanced applications of technology. Routinely use business applications software such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Google Docs.

• Access, interpret, and employ verbal, written, visual, nonverbal, and electronic sources of information. Prepare a portfolio highlighting skills and achievements.

• Speak, write, and listen effectively, and deliver persuasive presentations.

• Present to a panel of judges a Senior Project with Business Plan that exhibits the culmination of four years of learning.

• Work effectively in a team and are sensitive to needs, problems, aspirations, and customs of other cultures.