When a person interviews for a particular job and provides a résumé, a cover letter introducing the prospective employee to the employer is standard. The letter should explain why the employee is seeking the job and why he/she wants to work at this place of business in particular. The letter must follow one of the accepted styles for letter writing in a business. The full block is the simplest and most common, but several other accepted styles exist. The student’s word processing program often will have templates of these styles. The student should pay particular attention to spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Even one mistake can exclude a person from a job.

Here is the information that should be included in each paragraph:

Here is the information that should be included in each paragraph:

Introductory Paragraph – Introduce yourself and the CIBACS program if the prospective mentor does not know about CIBACS. Explain that you are writing either to set up your job shadow or to request a job shadow. Include how you found out about the possibility of working with the mentor.

Body Paragraphs – Explain in more detail why this career is of interest to you. What about your personal skills and goals may fit with this career? In another paragraph, explain the requirements of the program (10 hours of job shadowing to learn about the essential processes of the job; ability to gather evidence of learning; initial interview, confirmation of hours, final brief evaluation).

Concluding Paragraph – Thank the prospective mentor and request to take steps toward setting up the job shadow, such as coming in or calling to request an interview.

Student Examples
Kevin Moreland Cover Letter
Shannon Durbin Cover Letter
Zoe Clevely Cover Letter