Senior Project



The SHOWCASE area is filled with examples taken from previous Senior Projects. Each example has been converted from its original form into a PDF. Most of the examples here have special notations that explain important details. These special notations may be identified by the appearance of tiny red keys carefully placed on the page. The examples presented here are not necessarily “A” products. Rather, these items were selected to clarify explanations given in class and to show students the variety that can occur within the Evidence Box.

Dance Again
This example of the Written Report has some errors, but has good attention to detail. This project involved writing a business plan for a small formal dress shop.

The Rubber Pencil Machine
This example of the Written Report comes from a very creative project that earned high honors the year it was presented. It is well written and thorough.

The Soap Factory
This is another example of the Written Report for a project that was a business plan. This particular plan was for a small soap shop in Laguna Beach that actually manufactured custom soaps at the store location. This example is included because of the careful use of references to the Appendix throughout the report. It was obvious that the writer really understood her evidence.

Business Plan #1
This is a copy of the Dance Again business plan. Pay particular attention to the obvious effort that went into the preparation of this document, especially the charts and diagrams at the end. (Note: This a large document that may take a bit longer to load.)

Evidence Box #1    Evidence Box #2
Where do you store all of your evidence? Here are two examples of Evidence Boxes.

If you would like to see what an “A” project contained in its Appendix, take a look at the table of contents for a well organized Appendix Binder.

Resources Consulted Page
This is a good example of thorough research that has been well documented. This example is written in MLA format. Academic research is a mandatory piece for the evidence box, so be sure to take a look at this document.

Titans #1    Titans #2    Titan #3
These three links display parts of an Appendix Binder for the Pacific Coast Titans Senior
Plan, which involved the creation of a club cheer-leading team. You will see alternate ways to format your own information from the spread of evidence in these examples.

Appendix Binder #1    Appendix Binder #2
The first link is an example of a very good Appendix Binder. The second link is a look at the inside of the same Appendix Binder.

Dance #1    Dance #2    Dance #3
These three examples display how to organize an Evidence Box through multiple binders. This material is from the Dance Again Senior Project.

Soap #1    Soap #2    Soap #3
These three examples also display an array of evidence, along with the Evidence Box. This material is from the Soap Works Senior Project, a project that received an exceptional grade.

Self Evaluation #1    Self Evaluation #2
The Self Evaluation is one of the first items that is graded when the SPWR is scored. As such, it pays off to put in extra attention when completing this assignment.

Activity Log #1    Activity Log #2
The Activity Log is a powerful piece of evidence if properly organized and well documented. The two examples here are both good, but notably different.

Business Letter
This is a letter that one student used to contact businesses to solicit donations to support her project.

Pencil Box     Pencil Poster
These two items are excellent examples of the inclusion of creativity into your presentation. Both items are from the Rubber Pencil Machine Senior Plan, effectively demonstrating the plan’s marketing strategy for a novelty item.

This student’s project was to produce a short animated film. The storyboard is an excellent example of the planning phase of her project. Included are the cover and a sample of one of the pages.

Overview #1    Overview #2
Here are two examples of Overviews from the Senior Plan. When you examine these, ask yourself what impression each document presents, then consider how you will produce one for yourself.