Senior Project



Mission Statement

Describe your goals in a unifying statement that encompasses the entirety of your project.

Definition of the Problem

Clearly describe your project in as simple terms as possible. Why does this project truly need to be done? What kind of profit will your work generate? What benefits will the community receive as a result of your work? If this is a business plan, list the essential functions and goals of the business. If this is a Business Solution, describe the essential problem that you are attempting to solve.

“A few hints:”
Unlike the mission statement where you must be brief here you are encouraged to go in depth. One of the most important questions to ask yourself is “Does this project really need to be done?” This question should be answered by a definite “yes” and have many reasons for why it should be done. The main point of the whole paper is to “Describe the essential problem that you are attempting to solve.” So think of your project as the solution to a problem that you want to solve.

Learning Stretch

What kind of learning will your work generate? How
will you personally benefit from the completion of your
tasks? Most importantly, how will working toward the
final result truly challenge you and your abilities? How will you
document your Learning Stretch?

Mentor Contract

Identify a Mentor to help guide your progress. Describe how you will enlist the aid of your Mentor and the components of your working relationship (roles/responsibilities).

“A few hints:”
This part is simple…just follow the instructions above! Make sure that your mentor knows what he is doing. Your mentor can help you greatly during your project since they should be well rounded in the area that you project is aimed toward. (So make sure to use them!)


Describe the implementation of your plan, identifying distinct steps along with a self-directed timeline to be coordinated with deadlines established by the teacher. Be certain to account for all logistics necessary for the completion of your project.


Once your plan is completed, review your work and create a one-page abstract that captures the essential points of your plan and presents them in a simple, easily digestible format. This will be given to the judges on presentation day.


What skills/resources do you have which will help you to complete the project? How will those skills be of assistance? What skills/resources do you need to develop so that your work on the project will be successful? What kind of research will be necessary for the completion of your project? How will you document your research?

Quality Control

Identify the two classmates whose good or bad fortune will be tied into the success or failure of your work. These “inspectors” will assist you, when
necessary, to ensure that your product is of the highest quality possible. Each senior will also be part of a larger consulting group that will evaluate progress and advise on problems as they arise.

“A few hints”:
Make sure to use your quality control partners since they are a great source of information. If possible try to get more quality control partners than the two assigned to you. Make sure to get involved in your quality control partner’s project since at the end of the first semester your final will be an “audit report”. This “audit report” will go something like an interview. A panel of judges will ask you questions about one of your quality control partners. The partner you will answer questions about will be decided by the flip of a coin so make sure to know about both projects. Keep track of times you have met with your quality control partner and how you have helped them (that will impress the judges during your “audit”).